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Preservation Renovation Services


Damp and timber issues resolved

Rising damp is a form of dampness that is caused by the process of capillary action, where groundwater rises up through walls, floors and masonry when the damp proof course has failed.


Condensation is a primary cause of hazardous black mould, condensation is caused when moisture packed warm air comes into contact with a cold surface and turns to liquid droplets.


Wet and dry rot are fungal species that are caused by high moisture levels in timber, generally due to condensation, rising damp or water leaks, we can treat these issues and prevent further damage.


Woodworm is the wood-eating larvae of any of many species of beetle which can cause structural damage in buildings. We provide treatment with a water based insecticide that eliminates all insects.


Damaged stone and brickwork repaired

Spalling and flaking in brick and stone occurs when moisture becomes trapped below the surface, freezes and expands causing the surface to break away.

Specialist Services

When it comes to using a basement for living space, it’s important that specialist damp proofing is carried out, as below ground rooms are more susceptible to damp problems than the rest of a building.

Basement waterproofing or tanking is the process of installing materials that prevent moisture entering any below ground rooms making them suitable for habitation

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