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There is no absolute definition for the term period property, however it is generally accepted that the word period is used to describe buildings which pre-date the first world war.​

Period properties work in a different way to modern buildings, today's modern homes are built with deep solid foundations which are designed to prevent any movement, this allows the use of hard modern building materials such as strong bricks and cement mortar, effectively locking out moisture.

In contrast period properties were built on shallow foundations and tend to move with seasonal ground changes, traditional building materials are used such as soft bricks and flexible lime mortar, which are relatively porous and tend to absorb moisture until it evaporates away during dry weather, this is known as 'breathing'.

The Victorians were prolific builders, constructing around 5 million homes with some 4 million of these surviving today, however over the years modifications have been made, sometimes using inappropriate modern building materials leading to issues with internal damp and damaged stone/brick work.

The majority of our work involves putting right mistakes made by general builders and well meaning DIY enthusiasts, period properties are designed and built using traditional methods and materials, our expertise is in understanding the effects modern works are having on a period property and further how to correct these issues.


Preservation Renovation provides these services to the period property owner:


  • Free site survey and quotation

  • Damp issues identified and resolved

  • Brick/stone work repointing

  • Modernisation/Refurbishment

  • Extension/Development

  • And many other services  See more >>

Preservation Starts with You!


“I'm delighted to have found a company that can help me care for my period property long term.”


Samantha Smyth-White


“Thank you so much for the time and care you showed my home, the re-pointing looks amazing, my neighbours have said I now have the best looking cottage in our village.”

Tony Milton

“Your guys were great, their work was very neat and tidy and no more damp... thank you PR highly recommended...”

Beth Taylor


“All I can say is BRILLIANT JOB, I'm so pleased with the finished walls, my property thanks you too, it can breath again, fit for another 100 years."


Ronald Toby

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